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Layer Groups


Leaflet-Geoman can only work correct with L.FeatureGroup and L.GeoJSON (the extended versions of L.LayerGroup) we need the events layeradd and layerremove.

The following methods are available for LayerGroups on

enable(options)-Enable all layers in the LayerGroup.
disable()-Disable all layers in the LayerGroup.
enabled()BooleanReturns if minimum one layer is enabled.
toggleEdit(options)-Toggle enable / disable on all layers.
getLayers(deep=false,filterGeoman=true, filterGroupsOut=true)ArrayReturns the layers of the LayerGroup. deep=true return also the children of LayerGroup children. filterGeoman=true filter out layers that don't have Leaflet-Geoman or temporary stuff. filterGroupsOut=true does not return the LayerGroup layers self.
setOptions(options)-Apply Leaflet-Geoman options to all children.
getOptions()ObjectReturns the options of the LayerGroup.
dragging()-Returns if currently a layer in the LayerGroup is dragging.
Workaround to work with L.LayerGroup (Click to expand)

We are adding the same code to L.LayerGroup as in L.FeatureGroup

L.LayerGroup.prototype.addLayerOrg = L.LayerGroup.prototype.addLayer;
L.LayerGroup.prototype.addLayer = function (layer) {
return"layeradd", { layer: layer });

L.LayerGroup.prototype.removeLayerOrg = L.LayerGroup.prototype.removeLayer;
L.LayerGroup.prototype.removeLayer = function (layer) {
return"layerremove", { layer: layer });