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Pro Version


Add the following content to .npmrc in your project root


Replace <YOUR LICENSE KEY> with your license key.
Don't have a license key yet? Purchase one here.

Install via npm

npm install @geoman-io/leaflet-geoman-pro

Import in your project after leaflet

import * as L from "leaflet";
import "leaflet/dist/leaflet.css";
import "@geoman-io/leaflet-geoman-pro";
import "@geoman-io/leaflet-geoman-pro/dist/leaflet-geoman.css";

Getting Started

Init Leaflet-Geoman

Just include leaflet-geoman.js right after Leaflet. It initializes itself.

Exclude layers

If you want certain layers to be ignored by Leaflet-Geoman, pass pmIgnore: true to
their options when creating them.


L.marker([51.50915, -0.096112], { pmIgnore: true }).addTo(map);

Enable Leaflet-Geoman again on an ignored layer:

layer.options.pmIgnore = false;

This logic is reversed when using Opt-In (see below).


This section is only relevant if you don't want Leaflet-Geoman to initialize itself. If you want to use Leaflet-Geoman as Opt-In, call the following function right after importing:


And to disable it:


To enable Leaflet-Geoman on a map or a layer, you need to pass pmIgnore: false so they are not ignored anymore.

Enable on a map:

const map ="map", { pmIgnore: false });

Enable on a layer:

L.marker([51.50915, -0.096112], { pmIgnore: false }).addTo(map);

Opt-In also causes newly drawn layers to be ignored. You can initialize them right after they have been drawn like this:

map.on("pm:create", (e) => {
e.layer.options.pmIgnore = false;